Thursday, August 14, 2008


I took the list off the wall a few nights ago and put a bunch of checkmarks next to stuff that I've completed. Huzzah!

1. hit up at least three photo booths in seattle
We've been to two. The Cha Cha and the very sad Seattle Center arcade area. One to go.

2. get gavron designs up and running
Done! See?

3. start saving money in an less accessible fund
Done! I'm all hooked up with an orange account.

4. take a letter press class here
not done. boo.

5. create a business plan with a fee structure for the freelance graphic design work I do
sort of. i increased my rates, does that count? no? Okay, i'll get on this one.

6. make things out of repurposed thrift-store sweaters (felting!)
hmm. nope.

7. see at least four live music shows with joe
DONE. I orginally posted this one as done here. But I had gotten ahead of myself, because I wasn't actually done, only planned to be done. But now, I'm done. PRE-Bumbershoot, I'll have you know. I volunteered at the KEXP BBQ and saw The Saturday Nights, Common Market, The Dandy Warhols, Helio Sequence, and Joseph Arthur and the Lonely Astronauts. Whew.

Also, I'm in this photo. Trust me. And I'm getting DRENCHED watching my favoritist band Common Market. This was the only set during which the sky released copious amounts of water, but hey, I'm a true fan, right?

8. hold my nephew
nope. and maybe not going to happen due to a lack of funds. double boo.

9. start an etsy store selling cool crafty stuff (more on this soon!)
done! now I have two! can you believe that? see here and here (in case you didn't get the memo.)

10. read 10 fascinating books
DONE...check me out on shelfari. Since my birthday, I've read 11 fascinating books. AND, dear reader, I'm STILL READING.

11. learn to bake pastry that rocks
working on it! see here.

12. get my little pooch healthy
getting there. another appointment, another drug. she's eating again, which helps, becuase we've resorted to calling her Skeletor.

13. go on another road trip
jeez. have you seen the price of gas?

14. order moo minicards
done! gavron designs moo cards are in the mail!

15. develop that film from the oktomat...and the leica elise let us borrow...and the shots taken with joe's grandfather's camera
working on it. film development is harder than it seems. you have to a) remember to develop the film, and b) have something on the film to develop. we dropped off three rolls at costco a few weeks ago only to have them tell us that the film was all blank. one of these cameras is not working. but which one? stay tuned...

16. foster friendship and community
working on it. trust me.

17. sew something i actually might want to wear
not so much.

18. take a cake decorating class
not this one either.

19. create a photobook
done! i made a sweet photobook of the garden gnome's travels over christmas for lily's fourth birthday. it was awesome. trust me.

20. convince my boss that i should get paid to blog
haven't done this yet. not sure what my angle will be.

21. plant basil and thyme and cilantro
basil: check (i have three of them. don't ask.)
thyme: check
cilantro: don't check. I opted for sage instead. and a tomato plant. we all make choices.

22. hire my cousin to paint my tiny bathroom (okay...he doesn't know about this yet. but he will soon)
not so much yet. a) i'm broke. b) my cousin isn't in seattle for more than 9 hours at a time. that makes things tricky, thus far.

23. learn to use my camera's three thousand functions
hmm. nope.

24. support the expansion and total garden domination of my hens and chicks
YES! I planted new hens and chicks (one of which is blooming so tall and heavily that it's uprooting itself--see first photo of this posting) AND a small hen and chick garden in a flat planter all their own.

25. scan my photobooth strips now that we have a scanner!
I have done some. I need to do more.

26. go camping by the oyster farm and eat oysters over the campfire (can't remember what the park is named...nor the oyster farm but Joe will know)
didn't go to the one i was thinking of when i originally typed this, but DID go to a camp ground on a beach near an oyster farm and all the rest. I'm going to call this one done.

(see? oysters on the campfire!?!?!)

27. volunteer at kexp
done! see BBQ notes, above (re: live shows and getting drenched.) volunteering is cool. you get free admission, meet cool people, get a cow-spotted wristband, and get free pizza in a secret room. there's nothing bad about that!

28. see at least two parades
saw the solstice day parade. need one more.
29. go hiking someplace new with the dawgs and the neighbors
well, we tried. okay, not with the neighbors, but joe and i went someplace new with the dawgs, and that's when we realized that roxy is really really sick. cuz we took her off her leash and she couldn't keep up with us. boo. will try again now that she's feeling better.

30. print this puppy out and read it every day

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