Friday, February 29, 2008

30 things to do before I turn 31

(Inspired by this lovely lady, who I don't know personally but whose blog inspires me nonetheless.)

1. hit up at least three photo booths in seattle
2. get gavron designs up and running
3. start saving money in an less accessible fund
4. take a letter press class here
5. create a business plan with a fee structure for the freelance graphic design work I do
6. make things out of repurposed thrift-store sweaters (felting!)
7. see at least four live music shows with joe
8. hold my nephew
9. start an etsy store selling cool crafty stuff (more on this soon!)
10. read 10 fascinating books
11. learn to bake pastry that rocks
12. get my little pooch healthy
13. go on another road trip
14. order moo minicards
15. develop that film from the oktomat...and the leica elise let us borrow...and the shots taken with joe's grandfather's camera
16. foster friendship and community
17.  sew something i actually might want to wear
18. take a cake decorating class
19. create a photobook
20. convince my boss that i should get paid to blog 
21. plant basil and thyme and cilantro 
22. hire my cousin to paint my tiny bathroom (okay...he doesn't know about this yet. but he will soon)
23. learn to use my camera's three thousand functions
24. support the expansion and total garden domination of my hens and chicks
25. scan my photobooth strips now that we have a scanner!
26. go camping by the oyster farm and eat oysters over the campfire (can't remember what the park is named...nor the oyster farm but Joe will know)
27. volunteer at kexp
28. see at least two parades
29. go hiking someplace new with the dawgs and the neighbors
30. print this puppy out and read it every day


Christy said...

i love this list and i want to know more about #9

blufamin said...

Like your list....and like your sense of humor...understand the etsy thing on the list...I have been trying to get mine done since maybe this year will be it. Just enjoy being almost 31...ahh to be there again.