Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Already done with 7 and it's only May

Number 7: See at least 4 live shows with Joe.

ALMOST done and done. I originally added this to my list because I often forget how much I love live music...the people-watching, the hum of the crowd, the raw energy on stage, the peace and love and stupidity all around.

For some reason Seattle gets a lot of week-night shows coming through and I'm such an old lady when it comes to staying out way past my bedtime of 10.30, especially on a skool nite.

But, Joe loves him some music. Like, seriously, LOVES music. It's really important to him, and it's fun for me, so I thought it would be good to make it a priority this year.

Well, God Bless my cousin Eric, the Merch Manager for Brother Ali when he was last on tour and now for Atmosphere, who puts us on the guest list for these shows. Holler for free shows. If only Eric hadn't come into Seatown at 4pm yesterday and then had to leave at 4am this morning...we could have taken him to this sweet little biker bar we found in Georgetown that serves all vegetarian sandwhiches. Oh well. Maybe when he comes back for an art show in the fall. Hopefully that's when I'll scratch number 22 off my list too.

Shows seen so far:

1. Brother Ali & Abstract Rude & Toki Wright, & BK-One [Nuemos 3.10.08]
2. Cunninglynguists & Can U [Chop Suey 4.18.08]
3. Atmosphere & Abstract Rude [Showbox Sodo 5.13.08]

Shows slated:
4. Bumbershoot 08! Complete with Beck and Mike Doughty and Brother Ali (you coming to this one eric?)
(photo credit Atmosphere...pushing their new lemons album.)

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Christy said...

Oh I like Brother Ali! I saw him once at Tower Records in the U district- like years ago... those were the days.