Thursday, August 26, 2010

Surprise ball: or how to amuse me in the future

So, after seeing this post over at hula's, I realized that I too could make a surprise ball, and it might just be the best present ever. (Okay, so mine's no where NEAR as pretty as the real kind. But I tried.)

I mean, if you're me presents are all about the anticipation.

The unwrapping.

The wondering what's inside while you're untying the ribbon, ripping through the paper (no careful unfolding for me), and prying open the box.

(Which is why I'll consider you a cheater if you hand me a present in a gift bag.)

The surprise ball makes the anticipation even greater.

And anticipation is what this girl is about.  (Even the yellow dawg got in on the fun.)

So. To celebrate my friend Sayra's completion of grad school and her proper naming of Dr. Sayra, Joe and I took a trip to the best store ever to buy her presents.  And then a trip to the dollar store to get some crepe (guess how much it costs?).

And so, I promptly wrapped the trinkets one by one in the folds and creases of three rolls of crepe.  Dr. Sayra simply had to unwind the crepe (and untie some ribbons along the way) to find a posse of tiny trinkets (e.g. tiny plastic nuns), fun items (e.g. cupcake lipgloss), and useful and practical items (e.g. emergency underwear).

Plus, it was instant party for the tall dawg, who was laying beneath the ball.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Nine years

Happy Anniversary to you!

You're my biggest supporter, best friend, favorite traveling companion, personal chef, lover, partner, constant companion, sounding board, support system, second half.

And I'm so grateful.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

And then he was 3.

My favorite little boy is about to turn three. And though he got a sweater last year, this year I'm providing a bit more interactive fun.


Brendan loves a car and a truck.  But I thought, since his parents are both stellar cooks, that he might want to have some super fun cooking play time as well.


Cut to two months of fervent crocheting later, and I think we've got a respectable line up of dishes for him to cook.


As luck would have it, he recently became the proud owner of a kitchen, (complete with microwave and dishwasher) but no play food as of yet. (He's been cooking matchbox cars. I hear that they're very high in protein.)  


This might be the most fun I've had with yarn in a long time. Short and simple projects, each fun enough to keep my attention for a few hours, and then--poof--over. 

party time.

My bible was this book (which I checked out from the library three times. Yep. Three. Plus the renewals. And the fines.)


And ravelry, of course. And google. 

burger time.

summer picnic.


Anyway, you always take a risk when you make stuff for kids (since they're honest), but here's hoping he becomes the best imaginary chef around.