Monday, July 13, 2009

Time = abundance

Big ups to Jess Gonacha for posting my lastest digital drawing on her FABulous blog, peacannoot. Jess is an artist and a visionary for the Internets...pop on over to peacannoot and see for yourself.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I've been...
  • wearing out that old dawg (above)
  • to the west-most, north-most part of the contiguous united states
  • eating fresh-from-the-smoker salmon
  • sailing in the Mississippi
  • eating my husband's hand rolled meatballs over a campfire
  • getting my swim on--in Bass Lake, Lake Peppin, Crescent Lake, the Pacific Ocean, and Puget Sound
  • celebrating fathers and lots of years on this earth
  • slurping the best local ice cream (birthday cake? how about balsamic strawberry?)
  • tide pooling
  • quite a few statues
  • visiting old friends
  • planning the next big trip
  • drinking sexy bitches (an award-winning cocktail) with the neighbors
  • learning to be more present in the moment(s) by taking fewer photos