Monday, November 26, 2007

Unbirthday party

So this weekend, post-Turkey Day festivities, I made a meal for a friend who is bed ridden trying to keep her little one, Piper, in her cozy womb for another two weeks. I treated them to good old fashion Midwest comfort food--wild rice soup made with leftover Turkey Day turkey and challah. (Okay, no one in the Midwest eats challah except Jewish people, but whatever. It's SO YUMMY.) Plus I dug out the silly (so bad for you) chocolate cake recipe with the frosting that's 98.9% butter. Damn that cake is good, but it is SO not attractive. Whatever. Beauty, in this case, isn't only frosting deep.

I even pulled out my fancy decoration kit and frosted my way to this message:

In honor of Piper's up-and-coming arrival to the air-breathing world, I also knit her a hello present. She is not, however, allowed to come out and wear the hello present until she is fully baked. (see above cake message).

This year has been the year of the BOY (everyone is having boys) that I was thrilled to finally use up a bit more of my leftover colon yarn (from the knitted digestive system I made oh so many months ago). I'm all for gender ambiguity, but there's just no excuse for putting a baby boy in colon pink.
At long last, the hat and booties can be shown (hidden until now to remain a surprise to Piper's parents, the lovely Aaron & Elise.)

And because I'm a big show off, here's the front of the card. PGC are the baby's initials, ya'll. And you can't tell, but there is the CUTEST little bee charm dangling on pretty thread between the G & the C.

There are also a number of other really exciting things in the works, which I can't show you because it will ruin Santa's surprises. Alas, wait until December 26th. You can make it. In the mean time, go test your vocabulary AND feed some people here.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Type One: Grid Exercise III (final)

Finally! Here's number 4: must incorporate an image (either black and white or duotone).

This is the final point in the manifesto, and maybe my favorite. Also, I'm pretty proud of my use of the diagonal line in the grid. Oh yeah.