Wednesday, August 27, 2008

and then we were 7

lucky number seven
the seven year itch
seven years ago last sunday the mister and i got married 
and oh what a swell ride it's been

to celebrate, we hosted a staycation, right here in our own town.  the first night was spent at stellar pizza, yum, which has both a photobooth and a kiddie ride airplane. holler.

notes about the photos:
  • shot number one: you're never ready for the first shot. never. you always end up looking concerned, or angry, or just plain vacant. in this first shot, i'm practicing my gang sign SEVEN.    there's frankly NOT enough room in the photobooth for two adults even when their arms aren't out at a 45-degree angle trying to make gang signs in celebration of their 7th year of marriage.
  • shot number two: I've got my seven going, but it's not in the frame.  bummer.
  • shot number three: the mister takes over the seven sign.  he is sitting next to the door to the photobooth, and by DOOR, i mean OPEN SPACE, so there's room to jut his elbow out and show his sign.
  • shot number four: now i'm trying to get my mouth around the top of the seven (thumb portion) without actually doing it. it's supposed to be a trick of the eye.  supposed to be, being the operative words, here.

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