Friday, August 15, 2008

I think you need to send a note

New to tiny footprint...
Eco-friendly note cards!

If you've been playing along at home, you'll know that I fancy myself a graphic designer* by day. This means lots of things, including a) I get to play for a living (sometimes**), b) I have a keen eye for color (??), and c) I get books and books full of paper samples.
I LOVE paper. LOVE it. I like to touch it and smell it and rub it between my forefinger and thumb so I can feel the texture. And cutting and gluing are some of my favorite activities. Add a stack of the most beautiful colorway magazines Joe found in the back of a drawer at his office, and you have luxurious note card sets--hand cut and glued envelopes paired with paper sample flat note cards each adorned with hand cut and glued accessories.

It's time to clean out the paper sample books. And that means...upcycled note cards in themed packs. Oh yes. Check them out here.

*okay, if you want me to be really honest, I'm in communications. This involves, YES, some graphic design work. But it also involves PR, marketing, newsletter writing, and long walks on the beach.

**cuz just between me and you, PR work is NOT what I'd call "play"

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