Saturday, December 19, 2009

Number 17 | Last year's list

So. It finally happened. Leave it to world travel to make me actually complete something from last year's list (number 17).  I needed a skirt that was long enough to be modest in a country that really takes modesty seriously.  Really seriously.  And since I'm six feet tall, that's easier said than done.  I do love a tall section on a clothier's website, but sometimes you're just in need of a cute but long skirt, and you're pretty sure that you can make one all on your own.

Cut to a trip to Stitches, an amazing store on Capitol Hill, and I went home with one Amy Butler *swoon* Barcelona Skirt pattern, several yards of orange and brown floral fabric, a few yards of the softest off-white muslin, a bit of coordinating thread, and one zipper.  This skirt is great, but it's not designed to go to one's feet. So then began the process of creating additional panels for the skirt itself and its accompanying lining layer. It was a bit of a guess and fudge and then a bit of a wait and see type situation involving guess-worked butcher paper pattern piece supplements, but it all worked out in the end.

And then I wore it in Madrid, where we had a layover on our way to Morocco, which seemed all too apropos, given the name of the pattern. And, just to show its versatility (and reinforce the fact that we backpacked through Morocco and only brought four outfits each, here's a photo of the skirt in Ourzazate (the film capitol of Morocco--think Babel, Starwars, and Lawrence of Arabia) with my super cute orange babouche.

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