Friday, November 13, 2009

Morocco List Two: Purchases

Things we have purchased so far:
  1. A gorgeous and expensive cactus silk and wool rug/throw for our bed [we later learned that we paid MUCH too much for this, but we still find it beautiful. And, even though the man promised us it was big enough for our queen sized bed, it is not.]

  2. Two pairs babouches.  Orange for me. Yellow for Joe. Camel leather soles and goat leather uppers. The orange coloring (we were told) comes from henna and the yellow from the roots of the saffron plant.

  3. One leather handbag. [okay, this wasn't actually purchased. it was thrown in as a "gift" by the rug salesman because he knew we were being robbed.  He actually threw in the babouches too. (see above.)]

  4. Three two-pack Halls throat drops. [I got a cold on the plane ride over, and it was compounded and made worse by the ever-present cigarette smoke, gas-oil fumes from motorbikes, and general dust in the air.]
  5. Much bottled water.

  6. Much mint tea.

  7. One cappachino and one double espresso.

  8. Two scoops pamplemousse glace. One scoop citron.

  9. Three glasses fresh-squeezed orange juice.

  10. Sticky, lucious dates, honey sesame glazed peanuts, salty roasted almonds.

  11. Two mixed kebab plates, two bowls of harira (soup), two bread circles, two cups mint tea (dinner).

  12. One faux guide tour of Mosque ruins. [This we paid what we decided was a fair price for the twenty minutes of a young college students' time. He argued with us and told us we hadn't given him enough money, so then we said that we wouldn't pay him at all. He took the offered funds.]

Things I did not want to buy, but did (sadly)
  1. Henna on my left hand (which I washed off, since it was the black henna that I had been warned by Lonely Planet might cause skin burns).
Things I did not buy, though I was told that I should
  1. One cartwheel by a small boy.

  2. One stupid (and probably fake) Gnaoua dance (with finger cymbols).

  3. Many (many) small packs of tissues from even smaller girls.

  4. The chance to hold a snake.

  5. The chance to hold a monkey.

  6. Another attempt to get henna on my hand before I realized what was happening.

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