Friday, December 18, 2009

Sweet Anika

I'm an aunt, again, and this time to a sweet little girl who came at 11:44 pm (Alaska Time) last night to my sister, her husband, and their sweet little boy.  Anika Estelle arrived right on time (= two weeks early) and I melted a little bit when I heard her squeaking in the background as I spoke to my sister this morning.

To celebrate her imminent arrival, and because I'm a sucker for interesting projects, I knit up this super awesome bird mobile for her room.  An amazing stash-buster, this project uses eight different colors of yarn, and none of it has to be washable!  I enlisted my husband to trim and sand the dowels for me, and five birds, four twigs, and twenty-four leaves later, the cutest mobile ever is born. Seriously. So great.

Welcome to the world, Anika! You are already loved so much. And just you wait, little girl, because I'll be up there in Alaska soon enough to kiss your tiny toes. In the mean time, try not to wear your momma out too much.  She's worked so hard on your behalf already.


Pamela said...

I love your mobile! It's even better in person than in the pictures! Anika is amazing too!

Sarah E Olson said...

Love it!