Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's time for a new list

It's time. The new list is upon us. I'm officially 31, and have officially abandoned last year's list. The things that didn't get done were few and far between, and probably for the best. You don't always need to do everything you think you might need to do on a random day in January.

I'm actually pretty impressed with all the things I did accomplish--a new business, two new on-line stores, refreshed sense of community, baking skills, sewing and knitting projects, photobooth bliss, et cetera. It's not (maybe) that I was more successful last year than it is that I am more accountable to and aware of my successes.

So: here goes 2009.

1. take a drawing class. seriously. (any suggestions of where i should do this, oh blog-o-sphere?)

2. design some new patterns for tiny footprint. cupcake is gettin' bored ya'll. design some new designs for gavron. still bored.

3. figure out free motion machine embroidery. which looks so easy. but maybe isn't.  done.

4. visit foreign soil. (as in, not north america. as in, probably, Morrocco. And Spain, if we can swing it. cross your fingers for swinging it.)  done.

5. buy an old camera so I can take ttv photos. make a tubey thing to take ttv photos...then take some. work on it till they look good.  done and done.

6. post a tutorial on my blog. tutorializing what? i don't know yet. something good.  done.

7. go to the desert all spur-o-the-moment-like.

8. join the Cacaphony Society for another event and this time wear a better costume. (okay, so I already did this on New Year's Day...but I want to do it again. And, Santarchy 2009, you better watch out! This girl is a-comin')

9. build one of these. Use it for my etsy stuff. post that stuff. repeat. done. but then it took up too much room, and outdoor photos were so much better, so I recycled it.

10. it's time. to learn. to crochet. seriously. how can you still not know how?  half done.

11. find people to play games with. like cards. and dominoes. and board games. (as in, regular-like).

12. volunteer at KEXP again. and also somewhere else. done.

13. put skinny shelves around the house and fill them with wonderful three-dimensional handmade art and stuffs.

14. okay. so I bought this amazing book at powells. now i have to actually make something that's in it. done.

15. build a worm compost bin

16. begin a collection of candlesticks. begin a collection of taper candles. light candles. repeat.

17. simplify. simplify. (give away two things for every one thing i bring into my life; stop buying crap I don't need; stop saying yes when i really mean no.)  still doing.

18. visit some cows and help vaccinate them.

19. visit a local farm and meet some farmers.

20. visit the labyrinth at St. Paul's Episcopal Church and/or at Seattle First Baptist.

21. walk the reflexology path at Bastyr. done.

22. visit the lavender farms when they're in bloom (Mid-Late July-ish).

23. cultivate more clients for gavron (network? eek.)

24. do something scary. (sam says I can define this later)

25. do something that brings me hope (again, the defining comes later)

26. visit a new gourmet restaurant. (canlis? the gluten-free one in madrona?) done

27. find an old typewriter that still works and clickety clack on it. (give away two big things when i bring this one into the house, see number 17, above)

28. Learn some French. And some Morrocan Arabic. And refresh the tiny bit of Spanish still in my brain. done.

29. knit a sweater for myself out of that yarn that Amy recycled for me three years ago already!  done.

30. dinner party.

31. design, build, and sell my own softies.


Anonymous said...

Yes! I heart your list, number 17 gives me chills. I love the evolution from last year, and look forward to seeing your evolution this year. Holler for you and your dreams!

Anonymous said...

P.S. You know I love a board game. Anytime. Anywhere. Any game.

NFAH said...

Happy late birthday!

Travel tip (apologies if this is somehow known outside of the EU, in my experiences to date it has not been): there are dirt cheap flights on Ryanair to Spain and Morocco from London... much easier than trying to book to either place directly from the US. I have a Moroccan friend who lives in Paris and might be able to advise... that's also on my list for this year!

Christy said...

# 11 - You have to play the card game Phase 10 - it's my new favorite game!