Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shopping List Saturday: words

I'm a writer by trade (trade? Yes. This means that I will trade you one story for one piece of this awesome art) and I love the use of text in art. Here's an SLS to prove it.

Row One: Mad Scientist 4 Necklace by uncorked; Pale and Interesting by reform; Word Spiral Bangles by peaceofpi

Row Two: Seeker by kellierae; Four Napkin Rings by raedunn; Word House with Lady by gypsyandtwink

Row Three: Bearing His Soul by studiolyon; We Will Not Know by BlondeChick; Ask/Ask Not by UlaEinstein

As always, find more SLS at Fancy Picnic


Christina said...

Thanks so much for featuring my art! :)

Cat Ivins said...

Thank you so much for featuring my cork necklace Heather!

JoMo said...

This is a gorgeous many awesome pieces! And my bangles too -
I'm honored to be featured among these beauties.
Thanks so much :)