Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Christmas Presents Round Three: Project Neptune

So, in the spirit of this book, and this art project, and this other art project, and of course this, and in wanting to do something different and special (but not lamely special) and fun for our families this year instead of giving them more stuff they have to dust weekly, we devised Project Neptune: An Artistic Inquiry, a year-long experiential and collaborative art project.

The rules are simple: each month players will get an assignment. Players will have one month to complete the assignment. They will submit the results to the hosts, and the hosts will compile the data. Three months of data will be collected and the hosts will then create a curio (suitable for displaying prominently in one's domicile) using the data and the responses. [Also: a TOP SECRET NUMBER CRUNCHING ALGORITHM, known only by the hosts, will be used to create each curio.]

Each player will receive a copy/edition of this artifact/curio/art piece.

The Stats:
12 assignments; 1 per month
3 assignments = 1 curio
12 assignments = 4 curios
1 curio = 17 buckets of fun

PLUS the bonus invitation art piece, a pictorial and mathematical representation of the prevalence of the first initials of the Neptune players. (see below)

Curio No. 1. Three layer screen print on wood.
(SCALE: 2" = 1 occurrence)

The invitation and rules.
I'm so excited to see what's going to come of this. So far three player households have returned their already-stamped postcard to say that they are IN like Flynn and will participate. The first assignment was sent by the Project Neptune Computer on January 1, 2009, as per the rules.

Stay tuned for results.
Also. This is the last of the Christmas presents. They have finally all been revealed. Expect no Round Four.

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