Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shopping List Saturday: home sweet

I have to admit: I'm smitten with houses.

Perhaps it's that the symbol, all boxey-bottomed and pointy headed, that says "house" across the western world feels cozy, comforting, and warm. Maybe because a universal symbol like "house" can be interpreted in so many ways and it still feels the same inside.

No matter, I love a house. A tiny house. A soft house. A sleeping house. A bird house. A wooden house. A clay house. Et cetera ad infinitum.

So, for this week's SLS, I give you houses. Not to scale.

First row: little house by madebymavis; Whimsical birdhouse by Rose4aname; Houselette 003 by ReneesPaperandYarn

Second row: clay house by callejas; my sweet house by LeiLiLaLoo; a house I could live in by LovesGasStation

Third row: House7 by WhataCharacter; A House is a House by turtlebones; Little mint house pendant by PeculiarForest
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Lou said...

Great post and some cute houses, thanks for featuring me :)

renee said...

Thank you for featuring my houselette. :) Great post. I love tiny houses.

Norma said...

Ah, that was so nice of you. Thanks for the notice!!!!