Saturday, December 13, 2008

Shopping List Saturday: felt

Because I'm in love with etsy, and because there's so much talent there, and because I'm a huge fan of buying handmade goods, I'm going to start participating in Shopping List Saturday, a weekly roundup of awesome etsy finds. This week's theme: FELT. (I heart felt. I recently made up a bunch of stuff out of felt and will soon be felting thrifted sweaters. Huzzah.)

Top Row: Red velvet felt food cake slice by BeckyM; Kitty no. 76 by penguinandfish; Crocheted and Felted Mouse pattern by thebirdsandbees

Second Row: Gnomes by dreamchildstudio; Elegant capsule necklace by pirilamporiscado; Cone dog by pinkbabymouse

Third Row: Dotty Scarf by godottygo; PolkaDot Felt Bird by tokyobirds; Baby blanket by olofsdaughters

As always, for more SLS, stop over at FancyPicnic

1 comment:

Becky said...

Thanks so much for sharing my red velvet cake! I appreciate it.