Saturday, December 20, 2008

Shopping List Saturday: chickens!

My favorite things (in no particular order): 1) chickens, 2) cupcakes, 3) beards/mustaches, 4) animals with moving mouths.

Today: Chickens.

Row 1: chicken pocket by snappyshop; retro hen by rainsend; barred rock hen by rogee

Row 2: lucky sal by frostline; wool chicken by violastudio; screaming chicken by LicoriceTree

Row 3: bantam rooster by sugarsusan; they never knew what hit them by franticmeercat; mini tweet by loveartworks

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Kim Bagwill said...

Love this grouping! Chickens are so cool (and yet a little creepy). That screaming chicken is downright scary (in a good way). Thanks for including my laser-eyed chicken.

Betty said...

This is really great! I love Chickens! They are so cute!
I agree with the other poster, a bit scary. They always seem like they want to peck you. Thanks for featuring my apron!