Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Much love for PDX

So I took the mister to the ace hotel for his birthday (a bit late, but you know, better late than...).
And during our PDX stay, we were witness to a number of astounding things, namely:

1. The coolest hotel in town (see Room 411, below)

2. Rick Huddle's awesome monologue performance, $pent (go see it if you're in PDX)

3. A freeze. Ever heard of a freeze?

Good times. You might just be at Pioneer Square hanging out watching Tuba Christmas set up (if only we had time to stay and watch Tuba Christmas...) when 2,000+ people walk into the Square, mill about, and then (upon the signal--several red helium-filled balloons let go around the square to float off into the chilly rain-filled air) freeze. In place. No movement. For five minutes. (See below--frozen roe sham boe) Then, as silently as before, red balloons are released...and the world returns to movement.

I got to tell you...if you can attend one of these, either to participate--or, as we did, to walk around and view, it's a pretty sweet thing. I'm telling you. These Internets are the bestest.

4. SantaCon (as in, a convention of Santas) Despite the frigid weather, a good hundred or so Santas turned out to walk the streets of Portland, spread Cheer and mirth, and play reindeer games by the waterfront. There may be nothing more wondrous (or surreal) as SantaCon.

Plus a few sets of photobooth shots. And some coffee from Stumptown. And hot toddys at the bar.

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