Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Type One: Grid Exercise

My next assignment. This one is going to be fun! Click on the Incomplete Manifesto link for a GREAT list of rules to live by!

Produce (4) 8”x 8” compositions that explore visual heirarchy and the control of emphasis on type, image, and space.

Elements: Each of your layouts should be striving for visual heirarchy and should be based upon a grid system. Each panel should include all of the following elements:
• (1) of the 43 points (except #5) from Bruce Mau's Incomplete Manifesto
• the # and heading of the above point
• the following credit “—an excerpt from Bruce Mau’s Incomplete Manifesto for Growth”

All typography will be limited to (1) font and it’s family members.
No display fonts.
I suggest choosing one of the following families:
Garamond, Bembo, Didot, Caslon, Futura, Gill Sans, Franklin Gothic, Helvetica, or Universe.

Use this same font for all three layouts.
You are limited to black for type color.
Compositional elements to possibly explore are:
union, subtraction, repetition, contrast (geometric + organic, dark + light, large + small etc.)

#1 all of the type must be the same size, weight, and style.
#2 you may vary the size, weight and style of type.
#3 must be white or negative space dominant.
#4 must incorporate an image (either black and white or duotone).

• brainstorming / free association lists—think about images your chosen point brings to mind
• thumbnails—at least 10 studies for each of the 3 compositions
• roughs—b+w at 100%

Each of your final compositions will be mounted on 8x8 foamcore.

To experiment with basic grid structures as formal layout guides.
To understand the idea of visual hierarchy.
To explore the shift in meaning and impact of a design resulting from formal compositional changes.
To understand how content and meaning are affected by the marriage of type and image.
To understand how contrast of elements leads to dynamic composition.
To teach a design process of thorough exploration.

Exploration of layouts
Use of grid
Use of type

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