Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I made my first bread. HOLLER! HOLLA! CHALLAH! When I visited my dear sister (and her darling baby boy) last month, she handed down generations of knowledge about yeast, like a little gift in a box (or pre-measured packet, if you will). Yes, dear reader, my sister and I made my Great Grandma Gladys's caramel rolls...an all day project that requires nothing if not TIME and patience. (And a willingness to be a slave to the rolls for the entire week it takes to consume them. And believe me, I'M WILLING.)

Anyway, I made my first yeast bread all on my own last Friday. And it was yummy. YUMMY.

And then, the next morning, my next door neighbor and I made french toast out of the bread (with a nutmeg pear compote). Yummier.

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Christy said...

OMG OMG!!! I want to have carmel rolls and yeast bread! You need to sell these things...