Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Have you heard of Summer Pierre? She wrote the zine The Artist in the Office. I don't own it (yet) but there are a couple inspiring pages here.

One of the pages suggests keeping all your phone doodles in a sketch book. I'm doing it but with meeting notes (I try to avoid long phone calls at all costs). I just remembered that we have a pretty sweet copier/scanner here in the office, and I thought I'd share what I doodled yesterday at a seminar on our aging community.

I remember my mom (who is an artist in an office) telling me when I was a kid that "how to draw X" books weren't the best way to learn*. Starting with circles that lead to shapes that lead to dinosaurs wasn't as good as just drawing what you see. Practicing. So here are the water pitchers and water glasses and cups and saucers and chairs at the conference center.

*BTW...I recently had a conversation with someone at work about how she's not artistic at all. I think that is the lamest thing to say ever. (Mom, I know I used to say that too. But you told me I was wrong and you were right.) Drawing, painting, writing, etc. are all skills that can be learned. People get good at them because (typically) they like doing them and then they do them A LOT. Repetition repetition repetition. I'll rant more on this later. Just you wait.

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