Monday, October 8, 2007


Hey all you readers out there...happy fall!

In celebration of fall, Joe and I are having our traditional pumpkin carving party. Here's a little ditty I drew up in order to invite the invited. Sadly, we don' t have enough square footage for all of our friends...

also...more to come. I've been busy i haven't posted my new designs!

(and lest you think i'm an idiot and the invite is off balance...there was an additional line of text below the "joe and heather's place o fall fun" line spouting off our address. This kept things in balance and didn't allow for all that white space. In the interest of ensuring that my mother can sleep at night (she worries) I deleted that line just before posting. I'm sure you wily interweb users can find my address online if you try, but i'm not going to just hand it to you here.)

1 comment:

Christy said...

This flyer rocks! It screams "scrapbook page" and reminds me of that Cathy Z chick's book I showed you!