Thursday, October 18, 2007

Good type, Bad type III

Okay, so my assignment is WAY overdue. But, hey, I'm not actually in the class. So it's all good. I've been busy baking bread, reorganizing my entire house, knitting a sweater, and preparing for the BYOP party.

The assignment for the Good Type Bad Type project required 10 thumbnail sketches for each type...but I've instead shot for three ideas (in a confident draft stage) for each.

This was until I had already created two posters for my bad font (Freestyle Script) which I now hate, mostly because the information I gathered about it led me to believe that there were endless contextual alternatives for its lowercase letters allowing one to make the font look just like real half-cursive handwriting. It's a lie, I tell you, a LIE. In fact, I hand kerned all those letters. In the interest of my sanity (along with a real concern for repetitive motion disorder from using my mouse button to click click click click click the letter pairs together in order to make them look like cursive) there's only two. (you'll note that my second Freestyle Script poster is almost mocking the font with its I-miss-the-eighties colors and its sad "freestylin'" headline. That's because I am angry with the font. In fact, as mentioned above, I hate the font.)

And yet, I'm not only hating. With the same vigor that I hate Freestyle Script, I love Minion Pro. Just look at those swashes and glyphs! And look at those serifs--so graceful, so strong, so lovely. It makes me want to design a wedding invitation so I can use it for reals.

Anyone getting married?

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Christy said...

Where can I get that cool font? It would look fab on Halloween wedding invitations in a year or two...