Thursday, April 29, 2010

local. organic. gorgeous.

I signed up for organic produce delivery from a local family farm.  I mean, we've been talking about doing this for months, since we saw the movie King Corn even, but by then we were making weekly trips to our amazing local farmers markets and it seemed beside the point.  And then we read In Defense of Food and saw Michael Pollen speak and it just reaffirmed our healthy choices.

And then, you know, things happened. Medical things. EXPENSIVE things. And we stopped being able to afford quality, local, organic produce and meat.

And then, of course, we watched Food Inc on PBS last week. And I remembered. And got re-enraged. We really do vote with our dollars. And we really do need to remind our governments, big food industry, and local farmers alike that what we put into our bodies matters to us.

Oh. And even though organic and local is more expensive, I have a new mantra I repeat in my head while shopping. The cheaper food is a LIE, I tell you, a lie. It's cheaper because it's empty. Just like you won't buy white bread, just like you don't shop at Walmart, you shouldn't buy factory farmed chicken.  And that's working for me this week.

(This week.)  But, like my last post says, we gotta do this stuff one day at a time.  So wish me luck. And I'll do the same for you.

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