Saturday, April 17, 2010

Number 4, Drop 2

This adorable rabbit in a skirt, made again from the same book as this monsterey guy, began her day with a photo shoot in the backyard.  She photographs, well, I do think, though she seems to feel the need to wave in every photo.  

(I guess I didn't let her watch America's Next Top Model enough, to learn the importance of poses and versatility. Oh well. Next adorable rabbit.)

The best part of the photo shoot? The sun. It graced Seattle for a full three-fourths of the day yesterday. A real gift for this time of year.  

It was so warm I wore sandals to West Seattle's Lincoln Park, where we left adorable rabbit in a skirt in a highly visible location.  

A lengthly walk in the sun with my favorite person and my favorite dog later, (where we saw an enormous pod of harbour porpoises lolling along the coast) and adorable rabbit in a skirt was gone. 

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