Sunday, April 25, 2010

Stencils and tshirts and turning six

My favorite blond gal turns six this month. (SIX! That's old.  We met right before her third birthday, so we go way back.)

And because I made a commitment to myself awhile back that gifts would always be handmade (by myself or another artist), unless of course, they're art supplies or books(!), Joe and I decided to stencil some t-shirts for her.  Stenciling is easier than screenprinting, which is good, because I'm OVER things that are hard and stress me out.

I designed a number six made of squares, stars, and hearts, Joe posterized a photo of Lily's dawg Wryly's sweet face, and then we used a (cheating!) stencil we had around the house of the best swallow ever.

I do believe they were a hit. It wasn't too long ago that Lily was all pink and purple and tiaras and sparkles.  Today, I learned, she's very much more into ripped jeans with wild embroidery and animal prints.

(Also, please note the yellow dawg in the top photo, my constant crafty companion.)

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jenesgems said...

I love these, the designs are great. Is this some of what you sell?