Saturday, May 8, 2010

More stencils, more tshirt love

And then it was Maeve's 12th birthday.  Maeve, who entertains us frequently at backyard fires by taking drink orders in a fluffy bathrobe, a pink wig, and skinny glasses pushed to the end of her nose, all while making us call her "Grandma."

I love this gal.  And to commemorate my love for both Maeve and the gregarious, cranky Grandma, I made her a tank top festooned with a stencil culled from a recent photo of Grandma.

And, a birthday wouldn't be complete without the requisite M in a fabulous typeface.

And then, so as not to stop on a theme, the swallows.

I'm telling you, blog-o-sphere-o-mine, stencils are simple. They're the green circle of customized wearables. All you need is some chipboard, an Xacto knife, and a little hand strength.  I mean, Photoshop and a cupboard full of screenprint ink helps too, but you could make it lower tech than that if you wanted.

Also, once you have the M stencil cut, it's not hard to fashion a card from that same M.  If you're so inclined.

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