Thursday, November 27, 2008


1. the mister. who makes me laugh. and makes me love myself. and helps me see the world made brand new every day.

2. the yellow dog. who is so so hairy, but who follows me around and lays at my feet. my constant snoring companion.

3. the little dog. who is too skinny, but who snuggles in her old age. and you can't beat that.

4. the family. both blood and chosen. and those people we call friends but who are better than that.

5. my house. and home ownership. and living in the city. and my tiny back yard that takes only six minutes to tend but is the perfect place for a glass of prosecco after a day at work.

6. the job. that lets me work from home. in my studio. looking out at all the stray cats and crows.

7. the city. and its miraculous spaces and awesome artists and wonderous vibe. even with the five months of rain, I do love seattle.

8. the internets. from whom i have learned so much. and with whom i can share things like...links to pictures of the things i am greatful for, and also lists...with the people i love (see number 3)

*Thanks to Operation Nice, for the assignment.

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