Wednesday, November 12, 2008

pumpkin bread

It's fall. We just passed halloween. (that, and the rain, and the leaves all over everything--those are the signs.)

So the sugar pumpkins are at the Farmer's market for something like 99 cents a pound. something totally reasonable. And I love pumpkin pie (and i always feel self-righteous when I make it with hand-roasted pumpkin...not from the can) but I wasn't too ready for pie yet. (though when the neighbor brought some over one night...I didn't say no. Oh no I did not.)

There's a recipe for a yeast bread with steamed pumpkin (and cranberries) in it...which I had to try. And try I did. YUM. The pumpkin makes the dough so moist (it's hard to work with) and wonderful to eat.

BUT. There were no cranberries--neither fresh nor frozen--to be found. STUPID. Apparently it's not quite time yet. So. I used cherries. Same same. (almost.)

I slashed harder, MO. Yes I did. But I still have slashing to learn.

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Pamela said...

Cranberries are in the stores now. Buy some and freeze them!