Sunday, November 2, 2008

whole wheat.

the whole part of the wheat. all of it. ground with stone. the old skool way.

I want to love it, right? I really do. But it's dense, and it's...well...wheaty. Most wheat bread recipes call for half all purpose flour and half whole wheat flour, but Laurel convinced me that 100% whole wheat was the answer.

(And, if the question was: "how do you make really healthy bread that heather doesn't actually want to eat?" She was right.)

I love white flour. I love cake flour (the tiniest, whitest, ground-up-iest flour there is) the most. But I'm trying. I lecture about food on this here blog, so I'm trying to put my bread where my mouth is. (hmm. that idiom may have worked too well.)

Also, I steamed this loaf, which, according to Laurel, best mimicks a wood-fired oven. It was a bit concerning (like how can the bread actually cook inside my stock pot in a puddle of water?) but it turned out great.

I do, however, need pre-bake bread slashing lessons. You'll see (from the second photo, above) that my slash is not so...well...slashy.

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NFAH said...

I have never, ever managed a decent all wheat loaf, and not for lack of trying! I stick with the 50-50 recipes and leave the heavy stuff to the real experts. But my humble advice would be "slash deeper" in this case...