Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blogging a Christmas

Portrait session with a cardinal.
To wit:
I received three of the five things for which I asked the Internets. (And by that I mean the people who read my blog, and by that I mean: my family.)

From both my parents and my in-laws, the earrings (two pairs! if only i had four ears.)

From my in-laws, the instant camera. (see above)

horrible photo quality, but the sun hasn't been out in days. what are you going to do?

From my dear husband, the gemsboks. (OMG folks, it is SO much more awesome in my home than it ever was in the store.)

Also, Jene: Don't you worry, Joe was all about festooning the bok with holiday cheer. I just can't wait to decorate him for each and every holiday. (Insert Joe's groan here.)


Julie said...

who's that lucky lady!?? XO

Jene said...

Love the "festooning"..also love that word. It rolls off the tongue so eloquently...festooooning! :)