Wednesday, July 27, 2011

This one was a definite winner

Coconut chiffon cake, smothered in simple syrup, sandwiching pastry cream and strawberries, and all topped with almond paste? Um...yes please.

Blog-checking lines: Jana of Cherry Tea Cakes was our July Daring Bakers’ host and she challenges us to make Fresh Frasiers inspired by recipes written by Elisabeth M. Prueitt and Chad Robertson in the beautiful cookbook Tartine.

This is another one of those fussy seventeen-part recipes, but like many others, much of this can be made in advance (simple syrup, cake, pastry cream base), refrigerated and assembled when it's time. (Plus, summer is an excellent time to have extra simple syrup around the house for iced coffee and mixed drinks.)

Also, this puppy has to sit in the refrigerator for four hours before you can eat it. So add that to your planning.  (There's nothing worse than not have enough chill time and serving your guests slump cake. Been there.)

I can't tell you how good this was. I just can't. I can only say that this graced the end of an impromptu dinner party and I was never so sad the next day that I shared a dessert with others.

After the party, only four skinny pieces remained. And for this one, you bet I licked the platter.

Make one by playing along with this recipe.

The only things I would change next time:

1. Find a way to make the top prettier. Rolled almond paste and powdered sugar just didn't do it for me. Some people dyed their almond paste, other people put more fruit on top (we used our extra strawberries--muddled--in the prosecco we drank alongside the cake), and some people added gelee. We'll see. Honestly, the sides are so pretty it might not matter that the top isn't.

2. Infuse the simple syrup with something fun like a vanilla bean or some mint leaves. Or not. The cake already has a lot going on, it's not that it needs more. It might just be fun to try.


Suzler said...

Strawberries muddled in Prosecco alongside your fraisier? Can I come round for dinner next time?

You made me laugh with your comment about feeling sad that you shared it. I don't blame you. Your cake looks SO tasty. I'd scoff the lot when no one was looking. I think you should make another one just for you.

Carolyn said...

Great job on the challenge!The challenge I always face is the sharing part...but its much worse on my backside if i DON'T share. LOL
Happy Wednesday!
Cookin' for my Captain

crumbsoflove said...

This was such a tasty one to make! (I'm eating a piece right now). Obviously all of you friends loved it since they only left you with a few tiny pieces...
Best, Sandie

Julie said...

how simply (maybe not simple!!) delightful...and you shared...extra WOW factor!! this all sounds like so much fun....i smile each month!
XO Julie

The Betz Family said...

So glad that everything went well for you and all your guests gobbled up the dessert. Nice job on the challenge!

Jene said...

YUM! This looks fantatic! Good job...