Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Number twenty continues: World's largest continual chocolate waterfall

20 feet of streaming, splattering, sticky chocolate all for your viewing pleasure at The Candy Basket just outside of Portland, Oregon.

The website says it smells good, but I didn't think so. I'm not sure it's the freshest chocolate in the world. It was however, very tall, and it was very chocolatey. So, two out of three.

Here's the deal--this puppy is right off the highway (like right off, though the signage is pretty crappy so you have to believe that it's there and then it will magically appear), and you should stop there should you ever be traveling east on I-84.

Not only for the ever-ripe photo opportunity with the fountain, but because The Candy Basket makes really good candy.

I mean, we bought the obligatory $5 worth of bear paws and coconut bonbons, just because the kid behind the counter seemed nice and didn't even flinch while I took way too many photos with my phone, none of which turned out very good due to low light (and being a sub-optimum photographer--trying not to make too much of a scene in front of the fountain. Oh if I had just embraced the embarrassment of it all. It's a gimmick, after all, and it worked to get us into the store).

We ate the candy on our way to a campsite, and had to keep exclaiming how good it was. I wish we'd bought more. However, I didn't see the free sample sign until we were on our way out. The free samples being offered were sugar free jelly candy, and since I don't love Splenda, I didn't love them. Had I sampled some actual chocolate, we could very well have spent much more on candy that would have invariably melted in the car during our camping trip. So I guess it's a happy story either way. Next time, I say, next time I will buy more candy.

BTW. The "World's Largest" designation may be a bit dodgy. Anchorage Alaska also boasts a 20 foot chocolate waterfall, but I guess it's not "continuously running." The actual tallest chocolate waterfall--26 feet 3 inches--is in (where else?) Las Vegas.

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