Thursday, January 6, 2011

33 things to do before I turn 34

  1. play with the daring bakers. this is a year-long commitment, as you get kicked out of the secret daring club if you miss more than two months. hmm.  started here.
  2. learn to roller skate backwards. (I'm not actually ever going to do this. Let's be honest. Maybe it would be better just to learn to skate competently forward.)
  3. etch some glass. Like this.
  4. make (or pay someone to make) a real gavron website. done.
  5. read more poetry.
  6. make patchwork wall hangings. 
  7. provide pro bono graphic design work for a local charity.
  8. keep playing Toy Society quarterly.
  9. play with my niece.
  10. bake with my nephew.
  11. roast the coffee beans. (this is a repost from last year, but dammit, it's going to happen this year. I swear.)
  12. draw. add watercolor to said drawing. repeat.
  13. make brioche.  this takes three days, people. and that is why, thus far, it has eluded me.
  14. learn (and then do) to take better/prettier product shots. more light. more props. more patience.
  15. make a ruffled shirt. one of these.  (done) maybe this scarf, too.
  16. spray paint the cuckoo clock.
  17. knit weight covers for the cuckoo clock.
  18. three words. bunting. stamp. roller.
  19. go to ye olde curiosity shop. (how have I not made it there yet?)  done.
  20. continue the search for Roadside America treasures
  21. knit or sew outfits for the posable artist models.
  22. next holiday season: make these walnut ornaments.  heck. you might not have to wait until the holidays.
  23. get tattooed. maybe.
  24. make a cover for the sewing machine. the machine works so hard, shouldn't we keep it free from dog hair?
  25. eat a croissant in paris. done.
  26. have some family portraits taken. family = me + j + t + roo
  27. witness my friend sayra's wedding. (yippee!)
  28.                                           [<--- this space left intentionally blank.] leave space.
  29. make injera. convince joe to make food to eat with said injera.
  30. look to nature to solve a problem. (thanks to Second Sam for this one.)
  31. continue working on Not a Book.
  32. find a vintage typewriter to call my own. (this is a repeat too.)
  33. find...and note...small bits of joy along the way.

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Melaly said...

I love to read your list of things to do every year and watch to see how your accomplish them! It inspires me to make my own (much longer, since I am much older) list and see what fun things I can accomplish in a year.