Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Cake

Joe's parents flew in to Arizona on Christmas evening, and we decided to greet them with a festive dinner.  Living within the constraints of a limited kitchen (as in, there's no mixer) and not wanting to buy a bunch of ingredients that we'd never use up in the three weeks we're here, I opted for the simplest of desserts: a chocolate cake.

The meal was a lamb leg, marinated in chipotle, adobo, and lime accompanied by roasted root vegetables and a citrus/serrano pepper/cilantro salad.  In keeping with the southwestern theme, I found this lovely (and adventurous) Mexican chocolate cake (balsamic vinegar in your cake, anyone?) online from Pink Bites.  I also found a tiny tiny bundt pan in the cupboard!  Home. Free.

I made the glaze from the recipe too (YUM).  And then sprinkled pomegranate seeds on top.

Because nothing says Christmas like the juicy red garnet seeds of the pom. Nothing.


Jene said...

I watn a FB "Like" button on this one. Yum! Looks great!

Melaly said...

Looks yummy! and beautiful.