Monday, December 20, 2010

Anika turns one!

And, in a act of universe turning in just the right way, I got to see her smiling face for 19 hours this weekend.  She is newly mobile--walking, standing, falling, walking again. A really good sport about it all too.

In fact, this baby is the best sport I've met in a long time.  Exhausted from an early flight into Seattle, and working from something like four hours of sleep, this little girl smiled all day, even on Santa's lap. (Okay, for the first few photos...and then she was done. Very done.)

Because she received a knitted mobile from me on the occasion of her birth, she hadn't yet been the recipient of a knitted sweater (unlike her boisterous big brother, who received a sweater while still in utero, which I can't link to, because it was created before the inception of this blog!).

This one-year-old present should rectify that situation.

This is the knitted kimono sweater, from this pattern, which costs money but is definitely cute enough to spend the few dollars to have it for your very own.  Knitted in KnitPicks superwash merino, allowing it to be both warm and woolen and WASHable.  This is important when you're still learning how to walk, feed yourself, and generally keep your hands clean.

A fun little project to knit, including the adorable flowers.  I have had no idea how big a one-year old is was (and I know that this particular one-year old is a bit tall for her age), and I have no idea how big this sweater is, but it's the one-year-old size, since I started on the two-year-old size, but it looked big enough for a kindergartener half way through.  [But it was perfect, as you can see!]

(Just once I'd like to knit something just once. Not once and a half, not twice, not three times.  I've learned though: my propensity to start things before actually measuring the gauge coupled with my perfectionism means that I have to rip things out a lot.  To deal with this fact, I repeat this mantra in my head while I'm ripping: I will be infinitely patient with myself. Infinitely.)

But back to Anika. Happy first birthday sweet one!  Thanks for stopping by to smile at me!


Melaly said...

The top photo of Anika is the cutest ever! And the sweater is adorable. I'm so glad you got to see her last week!

Jene said...

She is a cutie pie! LOVE the sweater! You're amazing!