Thursday, December 23, 2010

Road trip

This year we're taking a much needed holiday away from Seattle. We have available to us a home in northeast Scottsdale, Arizona, and because it's not supposed to rain much there, we packed the dogs in our little red car and drove down.

Drove? Yes.

Roody and T show off their road trip skillz
The dogs turned out to be fabulous road trip companions.  We laid the back seat down, packed it with two dog beds, and the dogs were thrilled to enjoy the ride.

I bought the Roadside America app for my iPhone, and am currently trying to cross off as many "offbeat tourist attractions" as possible.  The first one: the sundial bridge in Redding, CA.

It rained through the bulk of our drive through northern California. (Except the tiny sun break we got on the second morning, above, where we raced to see the bridge.)

12 pm marker.  It should be noted that this sundial only works on June 21, the summer solstice.

But the rain didn't stop there.  It rained over our entire drive through state of California, through the Olive Capital of America and the Artichoke Capital of the Universe.

[It should be noted that if I never again have to drive through Las Angeles in the pouring rain, I will be forever grateful.]

Southern Californians don't actually know about driving in the rain at high speeds.  And the steering-wheel clutching, lip-biting, I-can't-see-the-road-from-all-the-spray driving didn't make the mood worthy of pulling over and photographing the offbeat.

And thus, we checked off only one item from Roadside America on our three day drive.

Oh well, there's always the drive home.


Melaly said...

Are you going to check out the roadside attractions in Phoenix? They have quite a collection. I like the Mofles Auto Parts Man. In the natural wonders category, hole-in-the-rock looks nice.

Melaly said...

I was wondering if it rained on you in California. At least you didn't get buried in a mudslide! That's REALLY hard to drive through. Wishing you dry and sunny weather for Christmas!

Cupcake said...

Yes! We checked three attractions off our list yesterday. Thanks for the dry wishes. We had a serious rainstorm here last night, but it's supposed to be the last one for awhile.