Wednesday, May 21, 2008

SPC: Still Fresh

Fresh Bacon from the Farmer's Market
My reflection in the shine of the microwave

Joe and I went to the Sunday Ballard farmer's market last week, and we bought all the fresh things the market had to offer:

* bacon from a happy pig
* eggs from happy chickens
* muscles (for pizza!)
* lettuces
* onions
* a happy little heirloom tomato plant
* that amazing pizza from the traveling clay oven pizza people

but the one thing that makes me the most excited...BACON. Fresh, happy happy BACON in a big slab you can slice to whatever thickness your mouth desires. Today I'm going to eat it on a BLT...and I fully anticipate moaning throughout the experience. So there.

Have you been having that conversation that we've been having here lately? The one about how it used to be cheaper to buy mass-produced food that was grown far away and anonymously and that now with diesel prices at over $5 a gallon in the Pacific NW, it's actually cheaper to buy real food grown by real people on real land that you can visit locally?

We have. We're talking about joining a local CSA and in the meantime, we're trying to buy locally and eat organically and LESS than we normally would have back when everything came from Uncle C (that's Costco, in this family) and seemed disposable. (That's SEEMED disposable, not WAS ACTUALLY disposable. Big difference, kids.)
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Ellen said...

Mmmm! Bacon.

Amarettogirl said...

I love Farmer markets too-- and support local farms too!!! What a clever idea to take a pic in the microwave reflection!!!