Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPC: Fresh

This month's theme: fresh. Like the DAILY rain we're still getting. (okay, it's just drizzling today, but it's enough that the dogs keep looking at me like...WHAT? when I open the door for them.)

Fresh--Like the bursts of pink blossoms on my azalea bushes out back. Like my new springy hair cut.


Okay, so I'm working from home a lot now. (Which, btw, I LOVE.)

Which means, instead of spending my two 15 minute breaks gallivanting around the office and making small talk (and clicking silly photos), I have to find something else to do to amuse my (solitary) self.

Which is why I've decided to join the Self-Portrait Challenge...a weekly theme to inspire self-portraits, coupled with a community of like-minded portrait-eers. Check out the link on the button on the side bar or right here, if you like, for more fresh wonderfulness.


betty said...

yay for fresh flowers and fresh hair !! :)

Rebekah said...

Don't you just love the bright colors that result from spring rain?

Welcome to SPC :)