Sunday, February 5, 2012

granny...don't be so square

the granny square in her natural environment
I'm on it.

Number one on the sort-of list.

Crocheting myself an Afghan of granny squares in an attempt to whittle my yarn stash down so that it fits into its two assigned boxes.

squares of plenty
Also: granny squares rock. They are adorable, quick to whip up, and hilariously 70s-reminiscent. I was a child of the late 70s, and though the colors in favor have changed, nothing can take away my love for this ridiculous form of sofa-decoration. (Yes, when I looked it up, Wikipedia told me, in North American tradition, Afghans are for draping across your couch or "large chair" for decoration. No mention of keeping you warm while you read or knit or...never mind.)

These little guys are still missing their final borders, which will be a matching off-white, nine skeins (9 skeins? yes.) of which are supposedly coming in the mail courtesy of my mother courtesy of her mother courtesy of a friend who was trimming down her significant (like...think warehouse) yarn collection.

heaps o' squares

I'll take it. Nine skeins of free yarn.

Until they arrive, I'll probably keep making these innards, testing out every three-color combination/order there is, until I run out of yarn, or the cows come home, or something else demands my interest.


Julie said...

love the new project....your color choices (though limited by access) are divine!! look forward to the finished is so cool the yarn connection you have going, it will definitely be a story teller quilt!!XO
p.s. have Jene tell you about her "granny square" skirt she wore to our wedding!!

Jene said...

Once upon a Cupcake says, in the 70's, I thought I was really HOT and not only made this but wore it to a wedding of some of my favorite people...

KiDsCrEaTiVeChAos said...

Granny Squares do remind me of my Grannies. I have some in a drawer ~ yours are so tasteful. Mine are purple and pink and royal blue. What to do?

Pamela said...

The yarn is on its way! I love your squares- I think I see some esophagus pink in there!