Friday, August 12, 2011


photo by Dr. Wendy Ellis, and her phone. Sorry for the grainy-ness.

My parents come to town this weekend, and I think I'm going to make them help me with this month's daring bakers challenge. (They don't know this yet.)

Also, we're going to eat well. (Like we did in the photo above, when Joe rubbed a chicken down with adobo, stuffed it with limes, and roasted it. YUM.)

Also on the agenda is SAM Remix, a live-art, live-music extravaganza at the Olympic Sculpture Park, which ends with an outdoor showing and sing-along to Grease the movie. Yes it does. First 50 wearing gingham get in free, in case you missed ticket sales.

How about you? What's on the tap for the weekend?

I know what Roody will be up to...

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Julie said...

sounds like a great weekend! enjoy the fun...i am a bit envious about the Grease sing-a-long! XO