Monday, August 15, 2011

B turns 4

And for this fourth birthday, even though I think I might have said I was going to stop knitting him sweaters, I lied. I couldn't help myself. He's still small enough that you can kind of tell him what to wear. And he's so little and cute. And so his sweaters are little and cute.

How many more trucks that light up and make annoying noises does he need?  (Or, how many more can his mother stand?)

Luckily for me, he's in love with construction equipment, and when I saw this sweater I knew it might be the best compromise out there. Knitting for me, no more loud toys for his mom, and cool trucks for him.

This was also my first foray into colorwork, and let me tell you. It's hard. So hard.  Getting the tension right, and weaving the ends through, and working a color chart--it's a full brain job. There's no watching a movie while you work. In fact, I was stooped over the chart with a ruler, counting, plotting, and unraveling all the way.

A lot of frogging occurred.  A lot of putting it down and counting to ten so I didn't start cutting it up into triangles of wrath with shears.

But once I got the trucks done, the rest was a breeze and a delight to knit. Sewing zippers into sweaters is my new skill, but even after two successes, I hate it.

Can you find the dog hair in this photo?
Anyway, happy fourth birthday sweet Brendan!! I hope you get cupcakes and candles and enough joy from the day to make getting a sweater from your crazy Aunt Heather all worth it.


GabyMartin said...

Wow. I love the colors.

Julie said...

what a gift of love! and extra fun!

Anonymous said...

OMG!! that is amazing!! It would take me 4 years to make that. Bravo!!!!!

Jene said...

So cute! Bet he loves it!