Sunday, February 20, 2011

To my sister, on the occasion of your birth

Sending love, and warmth, and perhaps a bit of funky style to you and your neck this year.

And modeling it here, in case you have no idea what it is when you open it.  It's a cowl, and I made it from the most beautiful organic cotton yarn in the most sister color there is; it's called walnut, but it's more purple than nutty.  And it's so soft. And I hope you love it.

I found the yarn last year--my sister must have this!--and I've been thinking all of this time what to make with it.  I only bought two skeins, and then it promptly stopped being carried by my local yarn store.  So I was stuck with two skeins.  

And then this cowl pattern, which I absolutely adore, and which I think might just dress up even the most plain long-sleave t-shirt on a day when you're feeling festive. 

And festivity is what I wish for you this year--more to celebrate, more reasons to buy balloons, more streamers and confetti and fireworks and cupcakes. xxoo


Julie said...

sisters are such special are both very dear, loving, strong, special women & so lucky to have each other....happy b-day!

Pamela said...

Beautiful- the cowl and your photo.