Monday, February 22, 2010

Finally Number 19

It's happened. After much anticipation, a few sleepless nights, and some serious dread, I am on the road to crocheting.

As you will see above, I have mastered the tiny obligatory flower.
I also have a small swatch square of various single, double, and treble crochet rows. (Trust me, it's not interesting enough to photograph.)

I would like to thank the academy, the learn to crochet visually book, and my mother who pointed out (tactfully, even) over my shoulder, that the reason I had only thus far been crocheting messy triangles was because I was skipping every other stitch. She then corrected my skipping ways, and I am forever grateful.

You can read the picture books and watch the YouTube videos, but there's no substitute for an experienced eye critiquing your work in real live time and space.

(also, dear reader, forgive me, but I have found myself smitten beyond measure with the Shakeit app for my iPhone which produces the etherial and awesome polaroids you keep seeing. I have to warn you that there is probably no end in site to these rheumy gems.)

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