Thursday, January 28, 2010

Number 4: Prep

Since I've committed to making four Toy Society drops, I have gone ahead and created four drop packages for said drops.  Each package contains: one Take Me Home: I'm Yours tag, one city-scape hand-stamped envelope proclaiming Open Me, one Hello! card contianing the requisite Toy Society letter (explaining the gig and where the finder of said Toy should email to say that the toy has been found and adopted), and a whole lotta love.

I've got my first toy all wrapped up (in his Ziplock bag) and ready for dropping.  I've even go the location picked out--the Children's Hospital by the best dog park in Seattle.  However, the weather hasn't been cooperating, and we haven't taken a trip up there in a few days.  Cross your fingers for a dry* day this weekend. 

*No, we don't have to wait until it's not raining to head north, but we will. It's a long drive for a cold dreary walk. We can take cold, dreary walks at home--no drive required.

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