Sunday, January 10, 2010

I've been busy


Meet Elephante, an adorable little gal whose knitting instructions can be found (Thanks Susan B Anderson!) here.  This is from back a few weeks, in celebration of Olive June Weaver's first birthday (a major milestone; deserving of--at the very least--a plush elephant).

(butt shot)

Sadly, there was lots going on at said one-year-old's birthday party: children running amok, a birthday girl smearing herself in cake (while strapped naked into her high chair!), and lots and lots of friends and family eating (among other things) apple slices dipped in caramel. All this to say, I didn't take pictures.

It's okay. Have you been to a tiny person's first birthday party before? It's a little overwhelming for the little one.  The adults are busy trying to make photographic memories for baby books, and the baby is like WHOA. Get me out of here PLEASE.

Mom and grandma said the elephant was a hit. I'm sure that's true. Just look at her: she's stuffed, soft, and washable. Plus, she has not just one but FIVE protrusions (legs and trunk) that fit perfectly into the mouth of a small person. What's not to like?

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Melanie Harris said...

wow that is sooooo cute!