Thursday, August 20, 2009

Why I ♥ Seattle (this week)

in three parts.

Part I: Ballard Corners Park. At which you will find an over sized concrete living room, complete with couch, arm chair, side table, and lamp.

And next to which, you will find the roundabout full of clocks hanging in the tree. Yes, clocks.

Part II: Almost Free Outdoor Movies. At which you are encouraged to wear costumes (I wore horns), and Bring Your Own Chair (BYOC), and donate $5, and where you get a pseudonym upon entrance. (I was Pluto. Joe was Scarface.) You also get to play trivia, take photobooth pictures with props, eat from your prepacked cooler, and chat with your fellow pseudonymed neighbors while waiting for the sun to set and the movie to commence. The movie: Peewee's Big Adventure.

Part III: Telephone poll art. Again. Still awesome.

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