Thursday, February 26, 2009

why i ♥ seattle (this week)

in three parts.

Part I.: Gorilla outdoor art. Always. Like these shoes, nailed to telephone poles, telling stories in Ballard. Discovered while attending the year-round farmer's market to buy oysters. Always oysters. Yum.

Part II: The Art-O-Mat--an old cigarette vending machine transformed into an art store. Tiny art works from a number of artists. One token = $5 = wonder, awe, and delight. At a store that is also an artist collective/studio space--which is not listed on the art-o-mat website becuase it's that new and exclusive.

Part III: Sanctioned outdoor art. Like cement monopoly houses. And murals outside of restaurants. And paintings inside coffee houses.

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lisa currie said...

i've read about this art-o-mat & would love to have seen one in action!! thanks for shring your city. makes me keen to havea visit one day!