Wednesday, July 30, 2008

SPC: Skillz part deux

Is making a fortress out of hand-molded play-doh bricks a skill? What about if you do it during a staff meeting? If so, I win.

I'll call this: the skill of multi-tasking. The skill of being a kinesthetic learner (I've learned that I must have something to do with my hands or I can't listen for longer than 7 minutes). Luckily, my boss gets this and often provides us with tools (playdoh, pipe cleaners, stickers, etc.) to keep our hands busy during a meeting.

I also call myself a creative problem solver. (thank you Odyssey of the Mind). I'm growing out my bangs...and the whole "hair in your eyes as a fashion statment" is KILLING me. I like to be able to see from both eyes (I think they call that DEPTH PERSEPTION). Yesterday, I begged and begged around for a bobby pin but no one had one on them. Luckily for me--there were pipe cleaners on the tables at the staff meeting. TA-DA, I thought. A hair solution! I even added a love for pipe cleaners will go on.

NB. When there aren't any tools, I doodle. (See here and here.) And then I cut out my doodles and tape them into a notebook, which, by the way, is getting quite puffy and full.


jenica said...

i say you've got skills with macro too! i love this!

Christy said...

Psh- you got mad skillz yo!