Monday, March 31, 2008


The calendars are hot off the press today. They look awful.

shiny even though I requested matte paper.

the color is all weird, even though I specifically asked them to color correct.

Overall, lack luster.

Why? Because my print rep got a better job. Because my newly assigned print rep didn't tell me when the press check was running so I didn't get to see them come off the press. Because no one let me choose the paper, even though I was supposed to be able to. [And this part I'll take full responsibility for: Because we didn't take the photo at high enough resolution and no amount of photoshop genius can change that.]

And what did this do for my opinion of my before-now favoritist print shop? It has plummeted. If you can't offer great customer service to those who work for you (free of charge, mind you) then who CAN you offer great service to?

Ugh. If you see a calendar in a shop near you, I'm sorry.

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